Born and raised in the rural lake country of central Minnesota, I have been an avid outdoor enthusiast my entire life. It was here that I learned to appreciate and understand the natural world and its dramatic seasonal changes. Up-close-and-personal exploration and hands-on education shaped me as a human being. Outdoor sports became a dominant theme for many years, including a heavy involvement in first motorcycle and then bicycle competition. A move to southern California at the age of 24 led to my first engagement with professional sports photojournalism, a skill that's been honed throughout the transition from film to digital technology, one that provided many opportunities to explore new and diverse locations. My photography was put on hold for a couple of decades while pursuing a career in corporate communications, marketing, advertising and public relations, as well as completing a degree in graphic design which further enhanced my artistic inclinations. Since then I picked up the camera once more, building a reputation for my bicycle racing action photography. Much of my work during this time can be viewed at Now I have returned to my roots with a renewed focus on nature, wildlife, landscape, macro and night sky photography. The images found in this website reflect this reenergized passion for the field. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them.

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